5 Best Instagram Spy Apps: Reliable & Undetectable

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Text message monitoring
Call log tracking
Website monitoring and blocking
Automatic location notifications and geofencing settings
Social media account infiltration

SMS monitoring
Automatic notifications on predefined issues
Website history tracking
App usage monitoring
Third-party social media app surveillance like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, etc





Over the years, communication forms have morphed from sending birds with handwritten letters to using the post office and the present-day medium – instant messaging. There are numerous messaging apps on the Internet today, but there’s one with other distinct features other than messaging – Instagram. 

Instagram is an American social networking service that allows users to send messages and share pictures and videos. This IM platform is currently the world’s largest photo and video sharing channel. In April 2012, Facebook Inc. bought Instagram for approximately $1 billion. Since its acquisition, Instagram has grown to cater to the social needs of both individuals and corporate firms.

Instagram is revered for dispensing unique features yearly to ensure the safety and comfortability of its users. However, with over 2 billion monthly active users, monitoring the activities of every account can be challenging.

Despite the positives of Instagram, some people use it for disturbing reasons. If you feel your ward or partner is starting to act strange, that may be your cue to get an Instagram spy app to figure out the problem.

Are you yearning to know how to spy on Instagram? Read this article to learn about the 5 best Instagram spying apps and their inner workings. 

Why Should You Spy on Instagram Messages?

People don’t search for the best Instagram spy apps out of the blues. Instead, they have several genuine triggers like:

  • Parental Control

As a parent, you’d want to keep your kid safe from any harm. With IM channels like Instagram fielding vices like cyberbullying and child predation, using spyware to track your ward’s activities is a must. 

Using spyware, you have access to your kid’s received and sent messages, multimedia files, and call logs. 

That way, you can know the discussions they’re having. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, you can get a hold of the situation before it escalates.

You and your spouse might have been thick as thieves when the relationship started. However, you notice that they’ve become cold suddenly. Although this might be a mere mood swing, you might want to dig deeper if they put up this act for an extended period. 

Using spy apps, you can sieve through their Instagram chats and determine if they’re seeing another person. If they delete incriminating texts to cover their tracks, you can retrieve them with spyware.

Now, you can confront them with rock-solid evidence and end the relationship knowing you deserve more.

  • Track Employees

As a business owner, you want to make as much profit as possible. Nonetheless, this isn’t a DIY activity, as you must employ staff to move the firm forward and bolster its baseline. 

Unfortunately, some employees act as spies and might divulge company secrets to competing companies. 

You don’t want that, do you? With this in view, installing Instagram spy applications is the logical action to take. Using spy apps, you have access to their Instagram discussions. Now, you can see those contributing negatively to your firm’s goals and take appropriate action. 

Can You Spy on Instagram Online?

Yes, monitoring an Instagram profile online is possible. Since Instagram allows its patrons to discover fresh content, react to posts, and send DMs, it has increased the cases of infidelity between partners. 

If you’ve been searching for how to get into someone’s Instagram account online using a spy application, you should consider the apps I’ll recommend in this article. 

Although the possibilities are limited, you can monitor an Instagram account online without using a spy app. You’ll only need to create a new Instagram profile and follow the person you want to watch.

Keep in mind that the app-free spying option is limited to the person’s public activity. Hence, surveillance will be possible, but you won’t have access to other intricate bits of data like private messages. 

So, if you wish to go beyond surveillance and access private texts, your best bet is to use an Instagram spy app. Like every software, you must install the app on the target’s device.

How to Spy on Instagram Secretly?

How to Spy on Instagram

Many consider spying on someone else’s Instagram account unethical, especially if the person you want to spy on is of good conduct or an adult. 

If your ward or spouse has suddenly become addicted to Instagram, giggling now and then, they’d better let you in on the excitement. However, if they are reluctant to tell you what’s going on, it’s high time you saw things for yourself.

There are multiple ways to monitor someone’s Instagram activities, each with pros and cons. Want to know how to look at someone’s Instagram without them knowing? The following are effective methods to consider:

Google Target Instagram Account’s Username

The first and easiest method is to look for the Instagram account you wish to monitor on Google. Click on the Instagram account when you find it. You’ll see a list of the posts, comments, shared pictures, and more.

Most likely, you’ll find older private pictures shared before Instagram’s recent policy update. You may come across their activities linked to social media accounts like Facebook.

However, keep in mind that this method is limited. If the Instagram profile isn’t public, you’ll have to follow the account. In a case where the Instagram profile you want to monitor rejects your follow request, you won’t get to see their private Instagram posts and activities.

Fake Account

Another way to monitor an Instagram account is by creating a fake account. Many people dedicate time to hiding their online activities from their immediate family. Thus, making a fake profile is an effective way to access Instagram profiles with such intentions.

Remember that this option isn’t too different from the previous alternative. It’s still more or less surveillance. You can’t access the private chats on the Instagram account. Also, if the target is wary of strange accounts, you may find this method ineffective as they may reject your follow request. 

Social Engineering

Social engineering is a delicate procedure of cunning people to take specific actions or innocently disclose their details. This method is rampant among people who target Instagram accounts for cybercrime activities. Here, they manipulate people, making them feel comfortable enough to divulge their details. 

Instagram Spy App

So far, Instagram spy apps are the most successful means to spy on other people’s Instagram. These apps perform stealth operations in the target smartphone’s background, capturing and transmitting the information about the Instagram activities on the target phone to your dedicated dashboard or control panel. 

These apps are excellent means used by parents to monitor their kid’s Instagram activities. Employers can use them to check for employees’ unethical behaviors. Depending on the spy app and device model, you may not need to establish physical access to the target phone for installation.

What Can You Track With Instagram Spy Apps?

Essentially, spying tools give you remote access to another person’s smartphone or computer. Several online apps offer spying services at almost no cost. If you have suspicious thoughts about your child or partner, you can rely on spy applications to clear your doubts. 

These spy apps have different builds and can perform functions like location tracking, accessing text and call records, checking emails, access to contacts, etcetera. Although the main feature of these apps is to monitor messages secretly, they have the following capabilities:

  • Phone tracking: Some spy apps offer phone tracking features to help you monitor your child, employee, or partner’s movement. Also, third-party phone tracking apps are an excellent innovation for finding missing mobile phones.
  • Blocking apps: This feature is excellent and recommended for parents looking to prevent their children from some online activities. 
  • Read messaging apps: Many spy apps can access multiple IM applications like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger. 
  • Control apps and programs: Spyware grants you remote access to control some apps on the target device. Once you install the spy app on the target phone, you can access its apps 24/7.
  • Record someone’s screen: One of the unique features of many spyware is screen recording. From your end, you can initiate a screen record on the target smartphone, and the spy app will deliver the video of the on-screen activities of the target phone to your dashboard.
  • View multimedia files: Most spy apps grant you access to photos, videos, GIFs, and audio recordings on the target smartphone.
  • Monitor Internet activity: If you are suspicious of your employee or partner’s online activities, resorting to a spy app is your best bet to clear your doubts. Some spy applications allow you to monitor Internet activities like the browsing history of the target phone.
  • Read their emails: Spy apps allow you to read the electronic mail on the target phone. Keep in mind that some of these apps aren’t free. 

How to Choose the Best Instagram Spy App?

You’ll find numerous Instagram spy apps, but selecting the best choice can be challenging. How do you choose the right one? More importantly, how do you avoid getting scammed? 

If you must spy on your child or partner’s Instagram, you’d want to ensure you’re not putting them at risk by using untrusted apps. Consider these factors before choosing the best Instagram spy app:


Imagine buying a size nine shoe for a six-year-old; obviously, it won’t fit, and walking would be difficult. That’s how you’d face difficulties running a spy app that’s not compatible with the target phone.

A suitable Instagram spy software should work with the primary smartphone operating systems – iOS, Android, and Windows. Also, its efficiency shouldn’t be limited to specific devices.

Thus, you’d want to choose a spy app that functions efficiently on phones, tablets, and personal computers.

Stealth Mode

spying on instagram

If you must subscribe to a spy app, you’d want to go for one that’s undetectable on the target’s cell phone. The ability of the spy tool to operate silently without alerting the target is a distinct feature of the best spy apps.

List of Features

Several spy applications are out on the Internet, all fielding different features. However, some spy apps stand out as they wield advanced features. Regardless of your reasons for getting a spy app, there are several features you’ll find helpful.

But to choose an excellent spy application, you’ll want to check the available features.

Price and Quality Correlation

The cost of the spyware you wish to get is another essential factor. You wouldn’t want to pay a premium fee for an Instagram spyware with features similar to that of a free Instagram spy application. To avoid getting short-changed, ensure the spyware you select offers high-class services at reasonable rates. 

Ease of Use and Installation

Another vital criterion in choosing a spy app is its setup process. You wouldn’t want to purchase a spy app with complicated installation procedures. Therefore, select spy apps with simple installation guides. That way, you can get cracking faster.

Customer Service

It’s almost impossible to eliminate errors in program codes, especially APK codes. Therefore, it’s crucial to evaluate the efficiency of available support channels.

Unresponsive customer service can be frustrating. So, select a spy application with responsive and accessible customer service. 

Refund Policy

If the spy app you wish to subscribe to has a refund policy, that’s a good sign. Read the refund policy to understand the T&Cs that warrant your request for one. Keep in mind that you risk losing money if you buy a spy app without a solid refund policy. 

5 Best Applications to Spy on Instagram

5 Best Applications to Spy on Instagram

If you make a Google search of Instagram spy apps, expect to see hundreds of matching results. But many people don’t have the time to review every application in the results, and that’s why I’ve carefully done some extensive research to select the best Instagram spy apps for you. 

The following are the best spy apps to consider if you’re keen on knowing how to check someone’s activity on Instagram:



eyeZy is a next-generation spyware that uses artificial intelligence on a bigger scale. Everyone is on Instagram these days, and eyeZy is a suitable spy app alternative if you want to know how to see someone’s Instagram messages without them knowing. 

Besides messages, eyeZy also gives you unrestricted access to the post and overall Instagram activity of the profile you wish to monitor.

eyezy dashboard


The eyeZy pricing plan branches three ways – $47.99 for a single-month plan, $27.99 per month for 3 months, or $9.99 per month for an annual subscription.


  • Pocket-friendly subscription plan
  • Easy to install and use
  • Round-the-clock customer service
  • A detailed list of features


  • No free trial
  • It can be expensive to use when tracking multiple devices

How to Install the eyeZy Spy App?

eyeZy is a top-tier app to spy on Instagram without a target phone due to its high compatibility level.

The spyware works on iOS and Android devices. If you want to try it out, here’s how:

Step 1. Create an eyeZy Account

Log on to the official eyeZy site to create your account using your email and a secure password. During setup, select the type of device you wish to monitor (iOS or Android).

Afterward, choose a suitable subscription plan and complete the purchase.

Step 2. Setup eyeZy App on the Target Device

Setup eyeZy App on the Target Device

To execute this step, you need to access the target device. For example, if it’s an Android, you need to permit third-party app permissions and deactivate Play Protect from Play Store’s security settings. If it’s an iOS device, all you need is their iCloud credentials.

Now you can proceed to install eyeZy. Grant relevant permissions so that the spyware can function well.

Once you’ve done this, connect your device to the spy app and activate stealth mode so that it can run invisibly on the target phone.

Step 3. Start Tracking With eyeZy

Once installation is complete, you can sit back and track the target phone anytime. Head to your eyeZy account online, and you’ll find all the details you need on your dashboard.



mSpy is another excellent spy app you can use to look at someone’s Instagram account stealthily. It comes off as a parental monitoring application and offers features like tracking Instagram chats, emails, texts, location, and installed apps and programs.


If you’d like to subscribe to mSpy, you can choose from these three plans: one month ($48.99), three months ($27.99/month), and twelve months ($11.66/month).


  • Compatibility with iOS and Android devices
  • Customers can access a free trial
  • Quick installation process
  • Works in 100% stealth mode


  • Expensive subscription plans
  • Limited features on Android devices

How to Install the mSpy App?


The installation process of this spyware depends on the target device’s operating system.

However, the process is quite similar for both iOS and Android devices. Here are the general steps to install mSpy on the target device:

Step 1. Create an Account

create mspy account

Visit mSpy’s official site to create an account. Select the OS you wish to track, choose a subscription plan, and proceed with the payment.

Step 2. Setup on the Target Phone

mspy choose the target device

On completing the purchase, you’ll receive a link and a registration code in your email.

Insert the link into a browser address bar on the target device and continue. Complete the captcha check and click “download.”

If you get a prompt below the screen, open it, go to settings, and click “allow from this source.”

Upon installation, launch the mSpy software, agree to the license agreement and allow all permissions. You’ll see a window to input the registration code sent to your email before completing the setup process.

Step 3. Start Monitoring

mspy order in process

After setting up mSpy on the target device, head over to your mSpy account to monitor the target device’s activities from your Control Panel.



iKeyMonitor is an Instagram spy free app used by parents and employers. The Instagram spyware is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows devices. This spy tool can run invisibly on the target device, and it tracks all kinds of information.

Some of the iKeyMonitor’s premium features include location services, access to call log and call recording, message tracking, monitoring social media accounts, and access to media files, amongst other features.


iKeyMonitor offers a Family and Business plan. With on-demand add-ons, you can get the Family plan for $16.66. Meanwhile, you can subscribe to the Business plan for $9.99 monthly per device.


  • Wide range of premium tracking features
  • It supports iOS and Android devices
  • It has a free trial period


  • Setup process procedure can be confusing
  • You have to pay separate fees for some add-on features

How to Install the iKeyMonitor Spy App?

Now that you are familiar with iKeyMonitor’s features, here’s how to install the spyware:

Step 1. Account Creation 

Before installing the spy application, visit iKeyMonitor’s official website to create an account. Select the OS of the target device, choose a suitable plan, and complete the purchase. 

Step 2(A). Setup on an iOS Device 

If you select the non-jailbroken variant of iKeyMonitor, you must set up an “iCloud panel” using the iCloud details of the target device.

On the flip side, if you select the jailbroken version, you should consider installing iKeyMonitor via third-party software like Cydia.

Cydia allows the download of apps on jailbroken iOS devices.

Step 2(B). Setup on an Android Device

With the Android phone, access iKeyMonitor’s website and follow the click-through process for installation. 

Sign up and grant all relevant permissions. Ensure you enable third-party app installation and deactivate Play Protect on Play Store.

Step 3. Start Monitoring 

Following successful installation, you can access your iKeyMonitor dashboard through any browser to begin tracking the target device’s activities.

NOTE: iKeyMonitor has a money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with iKeyMonitor’s features, you can request a refund within the first 30 days of purchase. 



Cocospy is another great spyware that shows you how to log into someone’s Instagram without them being notified.

With Cocospy, you can access all texts, calls, voice messages, and more on the target cell phone. Besides that, Cocospy allows you to monitor the social media activities on the target phone remotely.

Interestingly, the spyware is compatible with iOS and Android devices alike.


For Android devices, Cocospy’s Basic plan ranges from $39.99 (monthly plan) to $99.99 (annual plan) for one device. The Premium subscription starts at $49.99 (monthly plan) to $119.99 (yearly plan). Cocospy also offers a Family plan starting at $69.99 (monthly plan) to $199.99 (annual plan) for three devices. 

For iOS devices, the one-device premium plan starts at $49.99 (monthly plan) to $129.99 (annual plan).

The Family package starts at $99.99 (monthly plan) to $399.99 (yearly plan). Interestingly, this spyware offers a business plan accommodating 25 iOS devices. Prices range from $399.99 (monthly plan) to $999.99 (annual plan).


  • Plenty of features
  • Easy setup and installation
  • Around the clock customer service
  • Integrates “Demo” mode


  • No free trial 
  • It doesn’t support call recording 
  • No screenshot features

How to Install Cocospy?

Here’s a detailed instruction on how to install Cocospy on your target’s device:

Step 1. Create an Account

Head to Cocospy’s official website to create an account with a valid email address and a secure password.

Select the device OS you want to monitor, choose a plan, and make the purchase.

Step 2. Installation on the Target Device

You must install Cocospy on the target phone to track it. Unlike some other apps, you don’t need root access to execute this procedure. You can hide the app’s icon on the Android device so that the user isn’t aware of its presence. If the target device runs on iOS, you’ll need the device’s iCloud credentials to access the phone via Cocospy. 

Step 3. Start Tracking

Once you finish the installation procedure, proceed to your Cocospy dashboard online and explore. You can access texts, spy on the Instagram story, and more from your dashboard.



In your quest to know how to see someone’s Instagram messages without them knowing, you’ll come across Hoverwatch. It’s one of the best spyware you’d be glad you subscribed to if you try it out.

Hoverwatch is a complete smartphone monitoring app, and its most significant feature is that it allows you to track several data forms simultaneously. Hoverwatch is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows devices. 


Hoverwatch offers three packages – a personal plan, a professional plan, and a business plan.

These plans support one device, five devices, and 25 devices, respectively. The personal plan costs $24.95 per month, $59.95 per quarter, and $99.95 per annum. 

You can subscribe to the professional plan for $49.95 per month, $99.95 per quarter, and $199.95 per year. Ultimately, you can subscribe to the business plan for $149.95 per month, $299.95 per quarter, and $499.95 per year. 


  • GPS location tracking
  • Integrates numerous functionalities
  • Supports iOS, Android, and Windows devices
  • Saves online conversations


  • Most features are unavailable on iOS devices 
  • The keylogger feature is quite limited
  • It sometimes provides outdated information 

How to Install Hoverwatch?

If you decided to use Hoverwatch to spy on your target’s device, here’s a step-by-step instruction on how to install it:

Step 1. Sign Up

Visit Hoverwatch’s official website and use your email address and a secure password to register.

After creating your account, the website will redirect you to your dashboard on the Hoverwatch platform.

Step 2. Installation and Setup

Sign in to your Hoverwatch profile on the target device and download the software. Install the software from the phone’s file manager upon download. 

Step 3. Start Monitoring

The last phase of the installation process is the actual spying.

Log onto your Hoverwatch dashboard to experience how you can spy on the target device’s activities.

Final Thoughts 

When it comes to Instagram spy apps, there’s a myriad of alternatives. However, most of them either don’t get the job done right or aren’t stealthy enough to avoid detection. For a smooth spying experience, you should consider the options on this list if you want a reliable way to spy on anyone’s Instagram activity without them knowing.







Text message monitoring
Call log tracking
Website monitoring and blocking
Automatic location notifications and geofencing settings
Social media account infiltration

SMS monitoring
Automatic notifications on predefined issues
Website history tracking
App usage monitoring
Third-party social media app surveillance like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, etc





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